2014 HONDA CBR 650

PEAK HORSEPOWER 85.8 BHP - 46.4 Lbft of Torque - 211kg Curb Weight



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Honda CBR 650

"The new CBR 650 F is brand new from the wheels up. Based on the same platform as the naked streetfighter-styled CB650F, the all nw CBR 650 F has been designed from inception by a young team of Honda engineers as a sports-oriented bike. The Honda CBR 650 is usable and enjoyable in the real world by riders of all backgrounds, in environments from busy urban streets to twisting back roads."

The CBR 650 engine is tuned for good low-to-mid-range torque, especially below 4,000rpm. Honda claims the CBR 650 and CB 650 will have a range of 59.3mpg and a 215 mile range for both models.

The new Honda CBR 650 F offers an ideal mix between practicality, sportiness, performance and comfort. The Honda CBR 650 F is powered by a 649 cc, liquid cooled inline four cylinder, DOHC engine with a six speed gearbox. The Honda CBR 650 F engine is housed by a Twin Spar style steel frame which was specially developed to deliver an exceptional ride and performance handling. The Honda CBR 650 also sports a 4.5 gallon fuel tank, a 4 to 1 exhaust system, an LCD gauges and dual disc brakes. The CBR 650 F has 41mm Forks and an adjustable rear shock with 5 inches of travel. The Honda CBR 650 wheels are 17 inch wheels wrapped in 120/70ZR-17 front and 180/55ZR-17 rear radial tires. The Honda CBR 650F is offered with a starting price of $ 8,499.

The picture of the CBR 650 below is with the tail removed and with different colored rim tapes...looking good ! Tail tidy for the CBR 650 can be purchased anywhere between $50 and $150 US dollars. However if your an avid DIYer you can probably make one yourself using angle brackets and metal strap bent and cut to size. Move your cursor over the picture to see the CBR 650 with the tail removed.

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CBR 650 F - The Good Mix

The CBR 650 is the bike that will appeal to your practical and emotional sides. The CBR 650 is a truly fun ride at a great price, it’s what Honda does like no one else. Built around a smooth, inline-four engine specifically tuned for low-to-midrange torque, the CBR 650F has a powerband that’s suited for a wide range of riding styles.

Is the CBR 650 Nimble? You bet—that’s always been a strong point of the 600 class. Powerful disc brakes give you premium stopping power performance, and a Twin-Spar-style steel frame forms the basis for the CBR 650 F’s impeccable handling, while making it versatile: weekday commuter, weekend sport riding, long trips, short hauls, solo or with a passenger.

The CBR 650 is the tamer brother compared to the CBR600RR supersport, the steel-spar framed CBR 650 F arrives with a DOHC 649cc inline-four cylinder engine that produces 86 horsepower at 11,000 rpm. The engine was designed to offer higher torque in the low- to mid-rpm range, with much of it being delivered under 4000 rpm – a range for optimal real-world sport riding.

Honda appears to be on the trend with offering tamer sport bikes in America, and now arrives the CBR 650 F, which, although an inline four, should rival bikes like Kawasaki’s Ninja 650 (parallel twin) and Suzuki’s SFV650 (V-twin).



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CBR 650 Gauges

CBR 650 Gauges and Instruments The CBR 650F offers a digital LCD instrument package. Evrything is clearly visible, night or day, and includes all the info you need for longer trips or cross-town commutes.

CBR 650 Brakes

Great Handling - light and nimble. Powerful dual front disc brakes have excellent stopping power, while the Twin-Spar-style steel frame stays rigid, giving the CBR 650F awesome handling, making the Honda CBR 650 F versatile for any type of riding you may want to take on.


Honda CBR 650 Specifications

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